Dorothy C. Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex

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At the Movies

Enjoy movies every Thursday in the Game Room in Building B of the Benson Multipurpose Complex.

Movies are shown in the morning and afternoon. They start promptly at 10:00 am and 1:15 pm unless advance notice is given of a time change. There will be no admittance after the doors are closed and the movie starts.

Flyers for the monthly movie program and movie reviews are available at the doors to the Game Room and in the lobby.


A lighthouse keeper and his wife live in bliss on a island off Australia until they learn she can’t bear a child. One day, a drifting lifeboat washes ashore with a crying baby in it. The dilemma the couple now face will echo far beyond the island, in a passionate story about love, hope, and a fateful choice.

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander.

2016, Drama, Rated PG-13, 2 hrs 13 min


Filmmaker Jim Brown blends archival footage and interviews to paint an affectionate portrait of pioneering folk singer and political activist Pete Seeger, best known for the classic anthems "If I Had a Hammer" and "Turn, Turn, Turn." Highlights include candid conversations with Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

2007, Documentary, Rated PG, 1 hr 33 min

July 6, 2017, GRAN TORINO

Curmudgeonly Korean War vet Walt must confront his Hmong immigrant neighbors -- and his own prejudices -- when their teenage son Thao tries to steal Walt's beloved 1972 Gran Torino. Walt soon assumes the unlikely role of guardian angel to young Thao.

Clint Eastwood stars and directs.

2008, Drama, Rated R, 1 hr 56 min

July 13, 2017, QUEEN OF KATWE

Disney presents Queen of Katwe, a movie based on a vibrant true story starring Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo, and directed by Mira Nair. A Ugandan girl's life changes forever when she discovers she has an amazing talent for chess, in this celebration of the human spirit.

2004, Biography/Drama, Rated PG-13, 2 hr 4 min

July 20, 2017, BULLITT

Lt. Frank Bullitt must baby-sit a Chicago gangster for 48 hours before he testifies against his brother. But when hit men snuff the witness, Bullitt won't be stopped in his quest for vengeance.

Cast: Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn and Jacqueline Bisset

1968, Drama, Rated PG, 1 hr 54 min


Raimund Gregorius, a classics professor in Switzerland, embarks on a quest to uncover the truth about the life and death of charismatic Portuguese poet Amadeu de Prado, whose life in the 1970s was dedicated to overthrowing Salazar's dictatorship.

Cast: Jeremy Irons, Melanie Laurent, Jack Huston

2016, Drama, Rated PG 2 hr 7 min

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