Conference Room A and B

Brain Bootcamp

Your brain has everything to do with who you are and what you do. Keeping your mind sharp is just as important for good health as exercising is. Find out how to protect your brain health and help reduce your risk of dementia.

Sign-up at Receptionist Desk in building B.

18q2 Genealogy

Providing a free computer program and instruction to access records that will put you onto a road of discovery as to who you really are. This class will help you to organize family records and pictures. Discover and document your family history and leave a record for your children. Recording can also be done by hand rather than computer. Class size 15.
Dee Notaro

Council on Aging

Logo GCOA on peach

North Area Council on Aging Monthly Workshop.

Best Diet for the Aging Brain (39th Annual Luncheon)

No meeting this month

June and July:
Summer Break

How to Slow the Aging Brain?

Learning New Things …

Stress Impact on the Aging Brain

Rest, Exercise, and Brain Games

Holiday Repast

AARP Defensive Driving

On the 4th Thursday of the month, from 9:00am to 4:00pm, AARP Defensive Driving Class.
Fee: $15 for AARP Members, $20 for Non-members.
Signup at the receptionist desk to attend.

AARP Defensive Driving 2018 Course Schedule and instructor:
     May 31, Jerry
     June 28, Warren
     July 26, Jerry
     August 30, Warren
     September 27, Jerry
     October 25, Warren
     November 15, Jerry
     December 6, Warren

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