2019 Dorothy C. Benson Memorial Celebration - "Western Theme party"

Dorothy C. Benson Memorial Celebration - "Western Theme party" Comments by her daughter

Benson’s Namesake the Late: Mrs. Dorothy C. Benson

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on April 15, 1998 to name the then proposed North Fulton Senior Facility in her honor. The Board acted on the recommendation of the North Fulton Senior Multipurpose Facility Advisory Committee.

Mrs. Benson’s direct involvement with senior citizen issues began in 1987, in the early days of the county’s initiatives to serve that population. Commissioner Michael Hightower appointed her to the Aging Services Council, a special committee assembled to study senior’s needs and concerns.

Among the council's recommendations were broader, more expansive programming and services, and new and more comprehensive activity centers that would be located strategically throughout the County.

Her drive, energy and enthusiasm ensured that North Fulton would be the site of one of the five senior activity complexes which the Board of Commissioners promised to build. She organized seniors by the busload to attend numerous Commission meetings to advocate for the required funding.

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