Friends of Benson

Mission Statement (2012)

The Friends of the Dorothy C Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex, Inc. is a charitable corporation administered by its Board of Directors.  Its Mission is to support, through supplemental funding, the promotion of therapeutic, recreational, intellectual, social, physical, and health needs of the senior participants at the Dorothy C. Benson Multipurpose Center.

Section 1.  Purposes (2015)

The primary purposes of this corporation shall be to support the therapeutic, recreational, intellectual, social, physical and health needs of senior citizens, age 55 and over and thereby enhance and extend the lives of senior citizens who participate in the programs at the Dorothy C. Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex.

To supplement federal, state and county funding of the programs at the Dorothy C. Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex by providing financial and other support through fundraising and other supporting activities.

To promote the relief of distressed persons by supporting them or by counseling them concerning such primary needs as health care, housing, financial security, education and employment.

To promote research and studies concerning the improvement of life for senior citizens and seek grants and other funding to conduct such research.

To engage members of the general public, members and volunteers to support the Complex and become more knowledgeable of its services and the specific needs of its participants.  Further, to improve community relations with respect to the Dorothy C. Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex.

To do any other acts or things incidental to or connected with the foregoing purposes or in advancement thereof.

What does the Friends of Benson (FOB) do?

  • Sponsored and managed the Uber Pilot Program.
  • Wrote and obtained a grant for Benson’s Swimming Lesson. 
  • Supplies flowers and labor for Benson Gardens.
  • Purchased new Rocking Chairs for Center.
  • Purchase new Lobby Furniture. 
  • Fund the salary and supplies for Benson’s Rental Program. 
  • Provides funding for various programs, events and supplies needed in the Multipurpose & Adult Day Center.
  • Purchased the Benson bus and provides monthly maintenance.
  • Provides funding for the licensing of the Benson Notary Public.
  • Sponsors the Genealogy Class.
  • We advocate for and support the Benson Complex.
  • Make purchases and contributes to Photography and Art Programs.
  • Sponsors “At the Movies,” a weekly showing of the best national and international films.

Please remember that we need funding to enable us to continue to enhance the day-to-day operation provided by Fulton County. We welcome any contributions from the general membership or their families in appreciation of the ways in which the Benson Center has enriched your life.

Want to donate to the Friends of Benson?

Mail your donation to:

Friends of Benson Inc. Treasurer
6500 Vernon Woods Drive
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Or donate electronically using the Donate link below (takes you to a secure PayPal site):

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