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1st Qtr 2020 Benson Tennis Club

Benson Tennis Club
Tennis requires the use of a racquet to strike a ball over or around a net and into the opponent's court. This Olympic sport is a fun way to exercise and socialize. The Mt. Vernon Community Tennis Court is located in front of Benson Building B. Note: this is a Vernon Woods HOA Tennis Court. Facilitators: Kaethe Solomon and Julia White. Players will only have access to ONE court on Tuesdays. Players will only have access to BOTH courts on Thursdays.
Kaethe Solomon and Julia White

1st Qtr 2020 Advanced Soulful Strut Line Dancing

Soulful Strut
This class is for members who already know the language of line dance, able to respond to voice instruction, have mastered the basic steps, and shown ability to memorize dances with multiple steps. Members must be physically able to turn quickly and dance for 5-10 minutes without getting winded. If you’re ready for more variety, challenge, and opportunity to learn at a faster pace, this class will be great exercise and a lot of fun! *Instructor approval is required to attend this class.
Donnah Jones


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